Nick Cave’s Hiding Songs

The boy will grow older, and over time there will be other songs – not many – ten or maybe twenty in a lifespan, that stand apart from the rest of the music he will discover. He will realise […] that not only are these songs holy or sacred, the are hiding songs – what the Aztec Indians call carrion song – that deal exclusively in darkness, obfuscation, concealment and secrecy. He will realise that, for him, the purpose of these songs has … „Nick Cave’s Hiding Songs“ weiterlesen

Playlist #119

The Cure – Just Like Heaven Käptn Peng & Die Tentakel von Delphi – Neue Freunde André Heller – Mir träumte Gaël Faye – Balade brésilienne (feat. Flavia Coelho) DJ Danger Mouse – Encore Stella Sommer – Do You Still Love Me Now? Generationals – Kid Buckner & Garcia – Ode to a Centipede Jens Friebe – Herr der Ringe Albert Hammond – I’m a Train Parquet Courts – Berlin Got Blurry Cigarettes After Sex – K

#119: Arcade, Pixels & Hiding Songs

Wi san das weg jip uun a tachentiger juaren. Uun en filmtip faan Franziska spele kompjuuterspalen ütj a tachentiger en grat rol, Mareike hee a spalen faan domools üüs smartphone-apps testet an uun a tachentiger juaren spelet uk de seerientip faan Hauke, huar en programiarer ferschükt, en gans neien typ faan spal tu maagin. An uk de muusiker Nick Cave wiar uun a tachentiger al gud onerwais, hee oober iarst för hög juaren faan „hiding songs“ skrewen. Wat det genau … „#119: Arcade, Pixels & Hiding Songs“ weiterlesen